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Pacific Northwest DMR
East Side DMR Symposium

November 18, 2017


The original idea was floated by Ron KG7LAA during the October 18th Gathering as an Eastside complement to the Blaine Clinic held early in 2017.  Rod, KC7AAD wrote up the proposal on the 19th...and it was held on November 18th.  1 month of discussion, planning, prep and work by the committee and $2,000 spent to put on the event and it is now history.  Great effort all around.

The pre-event homepage is now legacy but is available here.


DMR Symposium Details...after event

  • Who:  East Side DMR Users and PNW DMR are sponsoring the event, from an original idea made 1 month before the event day

  • Why:  To spread the word about Ham DMR and increase the knowledge for hams interested this digital mode

  • For:  All Hams interested in learning more about DMR and operating on the PNW DMR Network

  • Where:  Best Western Plus Lake Front Hotel at Moses Lake (meeting room in the basement)

  • When:  November 18, 2017 from 0900-1430 hours, actually ran late to 1530 hours and another 1 hour for gab and breakdown of all equipment.

  • Cost:  $10 to help a defray portion of the costs of the event, paid at the door, 47 people attended the event, actual costs were about $40 per person not counting the costs of the presenters to attend, food and lodging which was borne by them directly.

  • What was provided:

    • Agenda

    • Master of Ceremonies: N7MOT, Lenny  //  Ticket Table Check-in: N5CMG, Claire and KF7NQC, Joey

    • Breakfast buffet

    • Presentations, 5 as listed below

    • Demonstrations, sample DMR radios of all sorts, testing of DMR radios

    • 2 CS-580's were given away as grand prizes, programmed for PNW with temporary ID's for instant use.

    • Many door prizes, some cool and some less so...and a few jokes.

    • CS-580's for sale at cost, programmed, ready to use with temporary ID's, available after breakfast.  The 4 new HT's that were available were sold below our cost within 5 minutes, the time it took for the cash to change hands.

Introduction to DMR by N7MOT, Lenny  (PDF)
DMR Infrastructure Overview (PDF) by KC7AAD, Rod
KB7APU Repeater System (Oregon) by KB7APU, Loren  (PDF)
Demonstration of Digital Systems by KF7NQC, Joey and N7ISP, Adam  (PDF)
PNW DMR Best Practices by N7ER, Brad  (PDF)

These Pre-Reads were suggested:  Welcome to PNW DMR, Best Practices and Quick Start

Pictures: Group Indoor, Group Outdoor 1 & 2, or the Entire Set

After Action Report by KC7AAD, Rod

More Links for DMR and PNW   ///   PNW Heatmap (repeater coverage)


Sponsors and Vendors
Anonymous Donor, Spectrum Communications, Let's Get Ready, Committee Members and PNW DMR


Symposium Committee Members:  KC7AAD, Rod, Spokane  //  KF7NQC, Joey, Moses Lake  //  N7MOT, Lenny, Coeur d'Alene  //  AF7PR, Rob, Tacoma  //  NO7RF, Mike, Mazama


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