PNWDigital.Net Policy Updates


The PNWDigital.Net Network is an open repeater network.  We wish to remain so and welcome our users to join our IO group if you use our repeaters.  We also feel it is a benefit to everyone to require some structure from our users and members and this request that you join our IO group, improves our overall ability to better serve all our members by way of an Email delivery option.

This enables PNWDigital.Net to keep our members better updated on changes to our network both technically as well as operationally.  Membership also opens up more resources to our members.  If you choose not to join our member list services, then you may have your use or our network resources somewhat more limited.  This is not to say that you can't use our repeaters as they are open for legitimate use according to our Best Practices and Quick Start page.  What may be restricted is non-member use of our networking resources.

There is no downside to joining our membership.  We won't SPAM you nor will  There is no advertising and all are reasons we moved away from Yahoo Groups.  IO groups provides our admins with the ability to write to you if there is a need, be it to notify you of an issue, a change in the network status, new resources, etc.  If you don't want any contact from PNWDigital.Net, then set your subscription to Special Notices Only as only moderators are able to send specials.  You won't get anything from us unless it is something that needs to be directed to you specifically rather than the membership generally unless it is a major importance and then it will go to everyone.

Many PNWDigital.Net users are regulars on our repeaters but have not joined our IO support group.  The PNW admin team feels that it is in the interest of all the users of PNWDigital.Net repeaters and other network resources, to become a member of the IO group.  The information flow to and from our users is important and we wish to maximize that communication and not leave it simply to snippets that some users might hear over the air.

If you are a regular or continuing user of the PNW repeaters, MMDVM servers and other networking assets, we encourage you to join the PNWDigital.Net Sub-group:  Once you have completed the subscription profile and have been accepted, you will then become a member of PNWDigital.Net.  Membership enables your use of all our network services.  Non members may use our local open repeaters as listed on our Repeaters page.

Growth has been steady and we are now more than 440 members.  While almost universally positive and good for the network and the larger DMR community, this growth in our repeaters and network useage has brought us some issues that seem to have been bubbling up more recently and frequently.  The admins of PNW have been discussing how to more efficiently manage the growth and and the increasing network usage.  One of ways is to have the ability of the admins to be able to contact a member via Email which joining IO provides.  By becoming a member, you will have access to our resources online as well as over the air networking. You will enable us to be able to contact you by Email should there be a need in the future.  Membership also displays a receptiveness to being part of our organization rather than simply being a user of our resources without any stake in our organization.  We want to be more than your free subscription to TRBO-West.

So when you request to join our IO group, be sure to include these basic bits of information; Name, Call and City/State.  You are able to keep your information private from the other members if you wish so that only the PNW admin team can see those bits of information.  You are also able to set your membership settings so that you don't receive any posts from the group at large.  So if you are bothered by 10 Emails a day from the list, you can turn that off.  You can also set your Email to digest mode, which bundles up the posts into a single Email.  The Admin team has the ability to send out a post to all the membership if deemed a need to over-ride the member's routine settings for that single post.

The PNWDigital.Net IO groups are our primary methods to distribute updates, changes and important information to our members as well as a routine discussion group.  This is another good reason for becoming a member.  Part of that membership is that you share with the group your name, call sign, location and an Email address.  If anyone has an issue with providing us that information, please write to us, let us know why and we should be able work out something for you.  If you choose not to join, not to tell us why and you do not wish to join but continue to use the network services, we may try to contact you.  If you are in QRZ with Email, we may use that to notify you.  But the burden is on the user to become a member as well as abide by our policies in our guides.  If you are not a member, you may lose access to the network resources.  Please do not expect us to notify you.  We hope that you will not put us in the position to do anything beyond making this request of you to join our IO group if you use or continue to use the PNWDigital.Net repeaters and other resources.

Two final comments; while one may wonder what prompts more structure such as this requirement of membership; nothing occurs in a vacuum.  Much is and has been discussed by the admin team before changes are made.  We try to affect least, our members (the 90%ers) and provide them the most resources, while dealing with those who seem to be the outliers (5%ers).  Sometimes there is cross-over and for that the team apologizes ahead to our 90%'ers. 

Said another way, it is our sandbox that everyone gets to play in at no cost and no dues.  If you can't play well, please buy your own sandbox and fill it with your own deposits or play in someone else's sandbox.  Our preference is that you be a good neighbor and enjoy our sandbox but but not throw sand or be be a pest to the rest of us.  Some have not played well and are no longer welcome and have been excluded from our sandbox.



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