Net Control c-Bridge Manager Information

What this manager can provide Net Control Stations

This manager is located on the PNW-D c-Bridge as are most of our MMDVM enabled managers.  It is specially programmed for use by NCS's for and during nets.  The manager only includes talkgroups that used for our PNWDigital nets.

It will support repeaters and hotspts.  The credentials needed for your use of this asset will be provided on request to if you are a currently active PNWDigital NCS.  You may need to manually add it to your Openspot or into your hosts file in Pi-Star (no scripting service at this time).

Local 1 or Local 2 may be used as an intercom for NCS's or Admins and won't turn off any talkgroups...just chatter between net traffic if you wish.  This can be useful to catch missed check-in, etc.  This use is different from normal Locals which hold off traffic.  Best to create a zone just for NCS'ing.

NCS Talkgroup Deck

Talkgroup / TS Status Timers Notes  
Audio Test 2 PTT 2/0 Standard Testing  
Cascades 1 FT /3    
Local 1 FT none NCS Intercom, no hold off timers - Chat between talkgroup traffic  
Local 2 FT none NCS Intercom, no hold off timers - Chat between talkgroup traffic  
MCT TS 1 On FT 180/180 Turns on ALL TS 1 Net Talkgroups; normal state  (16771791)  
MCT TS 1 Off FT 180/180 Turns off ALL TS 1 Net Talkgroups for 3 hours  (16770791)  
MCT TS 2 On FT 180/180 Turns on ALL TS 2 Net Talkgroups; normal state  (16771802)  
MCT TS 2 Off FT 180/180 Turns off ALL TS 2 Net Talkgroups for 3 hours  (16770802)  
Net 2 PTT 30/3 Not Currently Used  
Oregon 1 FT /3    
Parrot 1 PTT 1/0 Standard Testing  
PNW Reg 2 FT /3    
Washington 2 FT /3    

How to Use this NCS manager

Example for the Gathering

1)  Kerchunk MCT 2 Off Turns off all full time talkgroups for 3 hours, then they all will pop back on
2)  Kerchunk WA 2 Enables WA 2 full time, its normal state
That is it, 2 Steps.  It is that simple to set up for a net. 

This will provide you exclusive use of the active net talkgroup without interruption as if you were are on a closed or exclusive MMDVM manager.  The only exception would be if another NCS kerchunked any TG but the active net TG, Local 1 or Local 2.  Just MCT off again if that were to happend.

Optionally at the end of the net you may Kerchunk MCT On to put the manager back into its  normal state.

It is suggested that you create a simple NCS zone in your radio.  Only put in the above TG's.  That will make it very quick and simple to kerchunk any TG as needed or a quick switch to Local 1 or 2 for short back-channel.  Be sure to use the Local on the same timeslot as the active net.

The reason we have all TG's on full time is to allow for use of this manager outside of net times by NCS's and Admins.  It is far more useful to have these TG's on full time then part time. This is a new manager and there is ample room for modifications as this manager is used and issues discovered.

The standard hold-off timers are still in place so that non-net use is essentially the same as any other manager but with the exception that the Locals do not have the normal 5 minute hold-off timers.

Reminder, all nets are listed in our IO Groups calendar at:

If you have any questions about the use or have suggestions or comments, please send to