Joining PNWDigital.Net Subgroups

This page should help you get approved sooner by showing you how to set up your Membership settings while you are waiting for approval.  The more information you provide to our moderators, the faster it is for them to approve your request to join.  We appreciate not having to Email you to ask for your call and location information.  ;-)  And you will appreciate not having your posts moderated.

Once you have created a account, make your request for membership to our DMR-Main account.  It is an open group so you will be instantly approved.  Make your Subscription profile updates here and then all other subgroups under DMR-Main will be populated with this information.  So you only need to to this once for any of our 20 odd subgroups.

Step by step setup for your subscription profile
some interfacing may change, so steps may not be exact


  1. Log into your account via the web, do not use Email
  2. Goto the DMR-Main subgroup: (
  3. Click on "Group Profile"
  4. Click on "Edit Group Profile"
  5. *** Drop down to "Display Name" and enter your "First Name - CALL SIGN
    1. Even better, add location also (ex: Joe - WA7JOE - Seattle WA)  nice to see hams location
  6. *** Drop down to "Location" and update:  City, State (even if you add it to display name)
  7. optionally while here add your avatar (picture of you, cartoon, Icon, etc)
  8. optionally, add a signature line for your posts and/emails
  9. optionally, add something to you "Bio"
  10. Click on "Update Group Profile" when done

Bonus points if you invest a few more minutes for your avatar, picture or image file and add a few sentences to your bio.

*** The most important info above are items 5 and 6.  If this info is not entered, your request will likely not be approved

If you can't figure out the above, here's an alternative method that can be used that will default for all your group memberships:

  1. Click on your Account Icon/Name in the upper right corner of your browser tab

  2. Click on Account

  3. Click on Identity and then edit you Account Profile (default)

    1. Or any other group profiles that may exist below if you want a custom profile in that group directly.

If you don't enter the minimal information requested and we do not otherwise know who you are, we are not likely to approve your membership request(s).  We are hams who whish to help other hams, not the public.  We feel that this information is needed as it enables other members to see your call sign and location when you post a message.  We only optionally will email you to ask for this information.  Even if approved, you may remain moderated until you update your subscription profile with you name, call and location.  We feel strongly that all our members plainly identify themselves in our IO groups will valid information.

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