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Bring your ISPC Repeater to our Open c-Bridge Manager for Testing - DRAFT


Are you interested in bringing your own repeater (BYOR) to the PNW DMR network?  Need an IPSC manager for testing?  PNW DMR has an open manager that is used for demontration and/or testing

This is a short term demonstration method that serves 2 purposes.  1, you can check us out and learn DMR networking and 2, PNW can learn about you and your users and then we collectively discuss a permanent relationship if we both found that to be beneficial.

 More on a BYOR repeater as well as  the technical side.


So what do you need?

  • A repeater; Motorola MotoTRBO, any model VHF or UHF, capable of IPSC networking

    • If not TRBO, then MMDVM support via your own MMDVM server with IPSC support

      • PNW DMR has developed a MMDVM-IPSC server that runs on an RPi

  • A Radio ID is needed for your repeater (issued by

What we can provide you:

  • An IPSC based manager on our c-Bridge

  • A deck of talkgroups, a working sampler of stuff likely needed to demo our network operation

Talkgroup Deck Provided:

Talkgroup TS TGID F/P On / HO Misc
Audio Test 2 9998 FT 2 min Testing audio levels / Audio Meter
Cascades East 1 1 3191 FT F/3m Eastern Washington QSO talkgroup
Idaho 1 1 3116 FT F/3m Idaho  Statewide with Brandmeister access
Local 1 1 3181 FT No HO's Local Repeater QSO's
Local 2 2 3166   No HO's Local Repeater QSO's
Montana 2 2 3130 FT F/3m Montana Statewide with Brandmeister access
Oregon 1 1 3141 FT F/3m Oregon  Statewide with Brandmeister access
Parrot 1 1 9999 FT 1 min Echo Server for audio quality testing
PNW 1 1 3187 FT F/3m Calling talkgroup only, TX's on every PNW Repeater
PNW 2 2 103187 FT F/3m Calling talkgroup only, TX's on every PNW Repeater
PNW Reg 2 2 31771 FT F/3m PNW DMR's Brandmeister talkgroup
TAC 1 2 8953 PTT 15/3m QSO's here to cut down chatter on the statewides
TAC 310 2 310 PTT 15/3m Worldwide QSO
Washington 1 1 3153 FT F/3m Washington Statewide with Brandmeister access
Washington 2 2 103153 PPT F/3m Washington Statewide with Brandmeister access
MCT 1 On/Off 1 16771911 -- 15/5 Turns ON All TS 1 Talkgroups for 55 minutes (MCT Info)
MCT 1 Off 1 16770911 -- 15/5 Turns OFF All TS 1 Talkgroups for 15 minutes
MCT 2 On 1 16771922 -- 15/5 Turns ON All TS 2 Talkgroups for 55 minutes
MCT 2 Off 1 16770922 -- 15/5 Turns OFF All TS 2 Talkgroups for 15 minutes

Basic Operating Rules for out the gate operation

  • Set your radio for 1 second Group Call Hang time (Anytone calls it: Group Call Hold Time)

  • All user radios must have valid ( issued) Radio ID's and assigned to that user.  Do not use default 1 nor use someone else's Radio ID.

  • Do not use active GPS, other data services, Private Call nor Encryption

  • Basically, be a good Ham neighbor while using our network infrastructure.

  • Please no politics or religious discussions over the air, tends to be polarizing

Some details and other odd stuff:

While hanging out on our manager, we have some rules on operating:

We do not support GPS data services (yet; working toward both analog and digital support).

Client radios have many more operational settings than your repeater and that programming can have a major adverse impact if not programmed correctly.  PNW has published several standard network codeplugs for various makes/models of client radios that match our repeaters and MMDVM server settings.  We highly encourage you to clone or paste in our settings as an example of how best to program for PNW, not so much for the current repeaters, as the plugs tend to become stale.  Then copy one of the PNW zones for your own zone and then change the freq and color code for your use on our network.

More details on how to program your repeater and your client radios for our network operation are <Here>.  We strongly suggest that you follow our programming details as it will help the entire network to run more smoothly.  Not all of our suggested programming follow Motorola default settings as we have developed these setting during our first 4 years of Ham TRBO IPSC experience using a c-Bridge.  So use ours unless you have more experience and if you do, please share it with us.  We are all about helping others and not keeping anything but our network keys, hidden from the TRBO community.

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