Interstate 5 Talkgroup Coverage


These maps provide a quick reference for coverage when using the I-5 Talkgroup carried by the following c-Bridge networks:  BC TRBO, PNWDigital, Mountain West, San Diego and a few other repeaters.  This covers approximately 820 miles or 61% of the 1,355 miles of I-5, 15 miles of Baja California and 48 miles in Greater Vancouver British Columbia.

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BC TRBO: Greater Vancouver British Columbia; Highways 1 and 99 (approximately 50 miles northerly)  ///  TGID: 3168 TS 1

PNWDigital: Oregon and Washington (approximately 350 miles)  ///  TGID: 3168 TS 1

Mountain West:  California (approximately 430 miles from Tijuana to Stockton less a gap between San Fernando and Grapevine (approximately 50 miles)  ///  TGID: 3168 TS 1

San Diego:  California and Baja Mexico Highway 1; Tijuana to Rosarito (approximately 15 miles southerly)  ///  TGID: 3168 TS 1


Revised: 01/22/2021 22:39

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