HKS c-Bridge Network, KE7SFF

The HKS c-Bridge network has chosen to affiliate with PNW DMR.  This enables users of both networks to share their common talkgroup assets.  HKS is owned by Terence, KE7SFF

The current HKS repeater is located near Sultan, WA on Haystack Mtn. 

The available statewide talkgroups are:

  • Idaho 1 (PTT)
  • Oregon 1 (PTT)
  • Washington 1 (Full Time)
  • Washington 2 (Full Time)

Also available are several other talkgroups:

  • BC 1 (Full Time)
  • I-5 1 (PTT)
  • Local 1 (Full Time, this repeater only)
  • Local 2 (Full Time, this repeater only)
  • Parrot (PTT)
  • PNW 2 (PTT)
  • TAC 310 (PTT)
  • TAC 311 (PTT)
  • TAC 312 (PTT)

For PTT (part time talkgroup) you will need to Ker-chunk a talkgroup to make it active.

The repeater site is powered by solar which necessitates some consideration to limit transmit time.

Active Roaming (no beaconing) is not supported.


If you have questions, please contact Terence at:


Revised: 12/14/2018 11:14

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