Pacific Northwest DMR

 Frequently Asked Questions

Private Call:  Why doesn't PNW DMR allow the use of Private Call?

Private Call is a data based service.  Data traffic busies out every repeater on the network.  While some data is not an issue (Radio Check, Text Messaging), Private Call is continuous and doesn't allow any other users to use the network.  It is a resource hog and most users doesn't understand why they are blocked from using the network.

GPS:  Why doesn't PNW DMR allow the use for active GPS data traffic through the network?

Active GPS is looking for a server to pass it's traffic, so it repeatedly retransmits the data and that busies out the network.  PNW DMR places priority on voice traffic on both timeslots which leaves less timeslot time for data.

All Call:  Why does PNW DMR support All Call?

Actually we do...but differently.  All Call was once an emergency only talkgroup and still is but with the availability cellular phones now, the active support of All Call has been buried.  Please to not use All Call unless it's an EMERGENCY and even then, we have few control operators monitoring the talkgroup.

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