Pacific Northwest DMR
c-Bridge Failure Procedure

NOTE:  The PNW c-Bridge is moving (virtually) between HamWAN locations on the evening of March 8, 2018.  While the down time should be short, the back-up has been readied to take over.

The PNW network c-Bridge has failed once (8-31-17) since coming online at HamWAN on February 17, 2017 .  That outage sparked some discussion and suggestions on how to deal with a significant network failure.  This page will explain our plan and what assets are likely available during a failure event.  We will also address how the plan is implemented now and looking ahead to our efforts to better handle the failure of our primary c-Bridge.  The major goal is to keep a minimal network operational in the background and with the least effort needed by our members to stay online.


Repeaters currently enabled for the back-up c-Bridge
St Repeater City - Heat Map

Information - Details

PNW Area Map - Heat Maps: OR - WA

Freq / Offset
Color Code / Contact

WA Bremerton - Gold Mtn Wide area I-5, Downtown Seattle; Puget Sound to Lynnwood 440.7000 +5 Mhz CC1 - BP
WA Olympia - Capitol Peak I-5 corridor coverage, Castle Rock to Seattle plus Coastal 440.7125  +5Mhz; CC1 - BP
WA Bridget MMDVM and openSPOT Servers at SFO, Spokane and Bremmerton  

Heatmaps are approximate as exact location/RF details are seldom provided to PNW


Back-up c-Bridge  Talkgroups

Talkgroup TS 1 / TG # TS 2 / TG # Timers Brief Description     --     More TG Details
Local 1 3181   FT Local repeater use only, No Hold-Off timers, no priority to local users (unlike the primary c-Bridge)
Local 2   3166 FT
PNW 1 3187   FT/3 PNW Main All Repeaters; Calling or Standby use ONLY
PNW 2   103187 FT/3 PNW's General chatter
PNWR 2 (bm)   31771 FT/3 PNW Regional talkgroup with Brandmeister the PNW Region
PS 1 3190   FT/120 Washington EmComm or Public Service Events Only, no ker-chunking please, 2 hour Hold-Off timer
PS 2   103190 PTT60/60 Washington EmComm or Public Service Events Only, no ker-chunking please, 1 hour active, 1 hour hold-off timer
Washington 1 (bm) 3153   FT/3 Full time
Washington 2   103153 FT Full time
Data All Repeaters Enabled for SMS, Radio check etc but no Private Voice
More details on using the back-up secondary c-Bridge

When the c-Bridge fails, all repeaters in the PNW network will continue to operate in stand alone mode, they may continue to operate normally with local users able to talk to other local users.  Some of the repeaters may continue to maintain connections with other repeaters.  Moses Lake and Ellensburg as well as Bellingham and Ferndale are examples.

When the primary c-Bridge fails, the back-up must manually connect to our Master repeaters and Bridget server.  There will likely be some delays on transition based on an effort to re-energize the primary or immediately go to the back-up. 

Bridget will continue to function and it might be a good place to meet on talkgroup Local 9, for the latest information.  Of course the IO Group Forum will be used to further spread the latest word.

Any PNW repeater or repeater IPSC network that does make the switch to a Master repeater, will be added to our secondary c-Bridge.  Currently there are only 2 WA repeaters running in master mode.  Over time we will switch more of our WA repeaters over to Master when static, public facing IP's are available.

Other states are welcome to join in if they wish.  As most of the WA repeaters are under the same ownership, those repeaters are in the queue to be changed to the master mode when and where possible.  Much like the slow implementation of the de-clustering project, these changes will likely come slowly as every repeater site must be visited to make the change, if the site Internect connection will support it.


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