ET, Phone Home on the DMR Brandmeister Network

Brandmeister now allows all DMR repeater owners to enable their own slate of talkgroups that can be made static (fulltime).  This ability allows each repeater owner to set their repeater ID to be a matching talkgroup.

PNW supports this idea in concept and is quietly looking into supporting openSpots directly so that oS users have the option to come into the PNW network directly enabling many more of the PNW talkgroups.

That ability now permits a simple method to allow anyone on the Brandmeister DMR network to provide a simple, easy to remember and implement, talkgroup that can be used by any other user anywhere in the world to dial up a talkgroup that is only directed to that single repeater.  It bothers no other repeater nor their users but yet is there for an intercom type of communication.

For example, a USA traveler to Britain can use his hotspot or a local repeater to make a call to his home repeater to chat with any local users.  No need to have a schedule or other prior designated talkgroup.  No busy worldwide talkgroups to contend with to make the call nor busy out that local repeater.

This is so simple, that it's advantages can be missed.  All that needs to be done by the local repeater is to set their local repeater to make their repeater ID a static talkgroup, on one or both timeslots.  In my case, my repeater ID is 315305 (Mazama, Washington, USA) with both timeslots made static to help eliminate a missed call due to a busy timeslot.  I also use the oS ID (3153100) as a group call as well.

I have added that TG ID to my RX Groups and Scan Lists so that I am always listening to that talkgroup.  In fact, I keep a radio on that single talkgroup 7/24/365 so as not to miss a call no matter how my normal radios are currently used.  As this repeater/talkgroup is normally quiet, it does not interfere with the normal repeater traffic.  It is so simple, that it just works.

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Revised: 12/19/2018 22:44