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10-26-19: Boistfort repeater was removed for lack of interest/use


Repeaters and Talkgroups Quick List

Boistfort WA:  Baw Faw Peak, 440.7375, +5 Mhz, CC1; WA7DMR, 311128, low level testing, install around 8-10-19

Spokane WA, more information soon, KC7AAD,  310848

Timeslot 1: Users may use timeslot 1 for PTT/UA talkgroups as is typical on many Brandmeister repeaters.

Timeslot 2 is reserved for full time talkgroups  and those that are cross-connected to the PNW DMR c-Bridge network. 

  • Timeslot 1 PTT (Dynamic):

    • user activated

    • PNW area talkgroups 31530 through 31539 may be static at times

    • The below Always Active statewide talkgroups may be dynamic (pnw DMR users as it is already distributed widely in our codeplugs as they are on timeslot 1 on the PNW DMR network


  • Timeslot 2 FT (Static): 

    • Idaho statewide 3116

    • Oregon statewide 3141

    • Washington Statewide 3153

    • Local (TGID 2), PNW Cluster for PNW/BM repeaters, linked to all PNW DMR BM repeaters

This timeslot scheme is still being developed and may yet change as we work through some inconsistencies of the conventions. NOTE:  the FT vs PTT may flip timeslots the future.

PNW DMR has chosen to deploy several Brandmeister connected repeaters at high level sites in our effort to reach out to the wider DMR community here in the Pacific Northwest.  There has been historically multiple camps on how to best implement Ham DMR in this region and around the world.  c-Bridge and Brandmeister are the main groups though there other network approaches.

PNW has had 8 MMDVM servers up now for about 2 years in our effort to support hotspots and the newer 2 slot hardware solutions for higher power simplex radios and converted analog repeaters.  This has brought us many Brandmeister users as well as exposed our members to Brandmeister talkgroups. 

We are now making an affirmative effort to reach out yet more via a few Brandmeister repeater deployments.  PNW DMR has had significant pushback, primarily from BM users in the area, so much so that there has been an active effort to make the problems worse.  PNW DMR has chosen to reach out directly, past our detractors, in an honest attempt to embrace the Brandmeister network directly as well as more generally, to provide more inclusion and greater use of DMR in our region.

If anyone knows the history of TRBO-6, DCI, DMR-MARC (America and Germany), Brandmeister, DMR+, TGIF and other groups out in the ham DMR arena, you know that the politics are huge and much of the interaction is hostile, actively attempting to undermine the groups.  We are hopeful that our outreach will enable us to side step the few folks who have taken on their campaign to trash PNW DMR and let our efforts demonstrate that we are not the bad guys because our network is c-Bridge based.  We are just one of the groups, of many, in Ham DMR who have spent a boatload of dollars, time and labor to bring HAM DMR to our no cost to anyone who wishes to us our resources. 

All we ask is that individuals keep an open mind, use our repeaters and enjoy DMR and make your own decision as to who merits the higher ground.  This actually will be a fun project for us and we see, independent of the politics, this to be a way to enhance DMR for everyone, but most especially for our members.

All repeaters are open, just the same as our c-Bridge networked repeaters.  All ask is that if you are a regular user, please join our IO group.  No dues, no initiation, no costs to any users.  We certainly will accept donations and currently they provide us about 15% of just the operating costs of our repeaters, not the cost of hardware to deploy them.


Start-up Discussions in the MMDVM IO Group...

The major discussion at the moment is how to best resolve the use of timeslots 1 and 2 with respect to normally full time vs the part time talkgroups.  PNW DMR uses a c-Bridge and has the priority talkgroups which are generally full time on timeslot 1 while Brandmeister is normally the opposite.  How to resolve this difference, if we do, is the first order of business.  And that has been resolved in favor of the BM approach.

The other minor issue what talkgroup labling to use.  PNW DMR will try to follow the BM naming conventions where possible but expect some deviations.

Our Brandmeister repeaters are and will be listed on our repeater page.  The Brandmeister repeater talkgroups will not appear in our talkgroup matricies as there are too few static and unlimited PTT.  All pertinent information will appear on this page while we get these repeaters deployed.  This page will be the controlling document for of PNW DMR network's Brandmeister activities.

Repeaters to be deployed

  • Boistfort WA, Baw Faw,  440.7375 +5 Mhz CC 1,  WA7DMR 311128

    • Currently testing low level

    • Install on site around 8-10-19

    • Coverage will the the I-5 travel corridor from Vancouver WA to Olympia


  • Spokane WA

    • Details not yet available

  • Northwestern WA

    • Details not yet available



PNW DMR will follow the Brandmeister conventions of TS 1 (may change to TS 2) being PTT (Dynamic) primarily and Timeslot 2 (may change to TS 1) will be for the full time (static) for our local or primary talkgroups, which are also connected to the PNW DMR c-Bridge.


  • Timeslot 1 PTT (Dynamic):

    • PNW area talkgroups 31530 through 31539 may be static at times


  • Timeslot 2 Full time (Static): 

    • Idaho statewide 3116

    • Oregon statewide 3141

    • Washington Statewide 3153

    • PNW Cluster TG 2 local PNW/BM repeaters (future)


Talkgroup Labels

Labeling is a bit problematic as PNW DMR has a TG plan which refers to a talkgroup by name and a number.  Example:  Washington 1 and Washington 2, which indicate 3153 (Washington Statewide) is on timeslot 1 and that Washington 2 (103153) is an overflow or secondary talkgroup on timeslot 2.  This is somewhat like 31530 being PNW West on the Brandmeister side using the 3153x as an additional 10 talkgroups loosely nested under 3153 and having some geographically or event related nexus to 3153.

PNW DMR will (in our BM section of the web) refers to 3153 as Washington statewide rather than to Washington 1.  That will help the current BM users and be easy for our PNW members to adopt or adapt to.


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