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Pacific Northwest DMR
Blaine DMR Clinic
June 17-2017




Below tables were not necessarily part of the Clinic.


Secondary Materials and Information



Handy Links (sample for Clinic)
Generic User's Guide Basic new user's guide to DMR by John, W2XAB
PNW's Quick Start Quick entry document for new users to get up to speed on using the PNW DMR network
Best Practices PNW DMR's Information on how to be a good DMR neighbor network
Talkgroup Info A primer for PNW users to help understand the features and power of talkgroups.  Much more information on each talkgroup and how they operate on the PNW network
MCT Master Control Talkgroups are the new way to manage talkgroups to control the wide area networked talkgroups from barging in on an active local repeater conversation.
Yahoo Group PNW's interactive forum, codeplug depository, news and discussions  (PNW region only members)
News The latest updates for the PNW DMR network; check here for the latest major events
Codeplug Dir Latest PNW Codeplugs and information on our website, in PNW DMR's Yahoo Group or in our  Yahoo Groups File Area
CS-580 Directory Files of interest to users of the BDFX CS-580 Handheld // Codeplug
Netwatch Online status and activity for PNW  Also:  Android DCI Minimal Netwatch  //  BC-TRBO
Donations PNW is not an organized club and has no dues, fees or other requirements beyond that we hope you will be a good DMR neighbor.  Any direct support is optional but very much appreciated.



PNW Repeater Talkgroups  (Sample for Clinic)
For talkgroup availability and timers, go to the Matrix: Washington/Idaho

Talkgroup Timeslot 1 Timeslot 2 Timers Brief Description     --     More TG Details
BC 3027   PTT British Columbia Local
Bridge   3100 PTT Worldwide with Brandmeister (very busy)
Comm 1 3777215   PTT Original 2009 TRBO-6 TG, wide area
Local 1 3181   FT Generally is local repeater use only, can be used for MCT off for 5 minutes
Local 2   3166 FT
MCT's 177xxxx 177xxxx 55/25 Master Control Talkgroups, no voice traffic
Parrot 9998   PTT Echo test server
PNW 1 3187   FT PNW Main All Repeaters; Calling or Standby use ONLY
PNW 2   103187 FT PNW's General chatter, Not-a-Net Gathering Wed; 1900
PNWR 2   31771 FT/PTT PNW and Brandmeister talkgroup for the Pacific Northwest Region
TAC 1 - TAC 3   8951-8953 PTT TAC 1, 2 and 3 are worldwide with Brandmeister
TAC 310 to 312   310-312 PTT TAC 310 Net each Sunday @ 1700

"TAC" talkgroups engage the least repeaters (with Brandmeister)

Washington 1 3153   FT/PTT Full time in-state, PTT out-of-state
Washington 2   103153 FT/PTT Full time in-state, QSO talkgroup TG
NOTES:   Talkgroup ID numbers and timeslots are listed on the Talkgroup How-to page
Not all repeaters carry all PNW talkgroups; see our PNW Talkgroup Matrix
Timeslot 1 has PNW's primary TG's, Timeslot 2 has other Network's TG's primarily; general rule
PTT:  On timer:15 minutes / Hold-off timer: 3 min; default unless noted above  (PTT Info)
Some talkgroups may be available via PTT but are not listed.  See TG-Matrix for most complete info


PNW Repeater Talkgroup Matrix  (Sample for Clinic)




Bellingham Coeur d'Alene Gold Lynnwood Mazama Spokane Arial Talkgroup
I-5 3168 1 F/m   F/m F/3 F/3 ∞∞ F/3 I-5
Local 1 3181 1 F/5 F/5 link F/5 F/5 F/5 F/5 link F/5 Local 1
Local 2 3166 2 F/5 F/5 F/5 F/5 F/5 F/5 F/5 Local 2
Parrot 1 9998 1 P2/0 P2/0 P2/0 P2/0 P2/0 P2/0 P2/0 Parrot 1
PNW 1 3187 1 F/3m F/m F/3m F/3 F/3 F/3 F/3 PNW 1
PNW 2 103187 2 F/3m F/m F/3m F/3 F/3 F/3 F/3 PNW 2
PNWR 2 (bm) 31771 2   P15/m     F/3 P15/m   PNWR 2 (bm)
TAC 1 (bm) 8951 2 P5/m P5/m P5/m P15/3 P15/3 P15/3 P15/3 TAC 1 (bm)
TAC 310 (bm) 310 2 P5/m P5/m P5/m P15/3 P15/3 P15/3 P15/3 TAC 310 (bm)
TAC 319 319 2 P5/m P5/m P5/m   P15/3     TAC 319
Washington 1 (bm) 3153 1 F/3m F/3 F/3m F/3 F/3 F/3 F/3 WA 1 (bm)
Washington 2 103153 2 F/3m F/3 F/3m F/3 F/3 F/3 F/3 WA 2

Data / Private Call

    Y/No Y/No Y/No Y/No Y/Y Y/No Y/Y Data/Private Call

MCT Enabled

    No Yes No No No No No MCT Enabled



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