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   DMR has arrived for the Tri-Cities

The PNWDigital.Net Network has installed a DMR repeater at Jump Off Joe, south of Kennewick.

This is an open repeater as are all of the 48 repeaters in our network located around the Pacific Northwest region.  There are no fees, dues or other costs required to use our repeaters and network.  Membership is free.  All you need to do is join our PNW IO Group.  

3-2-20:  This page will no longer be maintained and it's contect is now stale.

10-31-19: New antenna and feedline was installed at the top of the tower .  Also installed a new custom ordered pre-selector unit and Hi-Q bottle, better Rx now but still about 10 dB yet to deal out.

Also installed a temporary UHF repeater (440.7375 +5 CC1)..  UHF repeater added to the Tri-Cities starter codeplug.  Combined coverage map <here>

We will be operating on a temporary antenna until mid November when we will have a tower crew install the new commercial antenna at the top of the tower, feeding it with 7/8" Heliax.

Program your radio for: 146.425 Rx and 147.425 Tx and Color Code 1 if you understand codeplug programming.  There are many more settings needed so we highly recommend you use our new 878 Tri-Cities codeplug or grab our PNW DMR stock 878 codeplug which has all our repeaters for the Pacific Northwest.   "Cascades East 1" is our primary talkgroup for Eastern Washington.  For testing, use  the "Parrot 1" talkgroup, our network wide Echo Server.

PNWDigital.Net actively supports EmComm operations, routine or emergency as well as public safety and community service activities.  We have talkgroups designed to support local area events, statewide Washington or wider yet, all of Washington, the region, even worldwide.

The Anytone AT-D878UV dual band HT is the recommended radio as it is Part 90 type accepted for commercial, business and public service use as well as ham radio.  This is likely the best HT for DMR hams based on it's performance and cost.  PNWDigital.Net has very special pricing available to our members (well under Amazon's lowest price including the tax/shipping).

We have created a special Tri-Cities starter or demonstration codeplug for use in the AT-D878UV and have made it available to the new Tri-Cities users so that they can get on to DMR will a minimum of effort.  We have all the talkgroups including a a few local FM repeaters, FM broadcast, NOAA weather radio and all 68,395 North America digital contacts.  Be sure to change to your radio ID and if using APRS, then your Call, SSID, and comment line.

We have about 25 talkgroups available in the zone for this repeater including 2 local only talkgroups that only reach out locally only to the Tri-Cities repeater.  Then some that connect to all of statewide Washington PNWDigital.Net repeaters and then more that connect to the entire network here in the Pacific Northwest or around the world.

Please give serious consideration to the D878UV rather than buying the cheapest radio out there.  There are many good reasons to invest in the 878, user satisfaction at it's price point is deservedly high.  We have very special pricing PNWDigital.Net members, more information is available on our PNW IO Group.

If you wish to learn more about DMR generally and PNWDigital.Net operations more specifically, check out these informational files in the box below.  Don't let them scare you away.  DMR does have a steep learning curve.  This is prime reason we are providing a custom codeplug for the Tri-Cities area, to get new uses up that ramp more quickly and efficiently.

Welcome Page, Membership, Quick Start and/or Best Practices
Or go to our homepage at:

Tri-Cities Starter/Demonstration Codeplug for the AT-D878UV (CPS v1.3 FW v1.13)
All TC talkgroups, 68,935 NA contacts, Rx Groups, Scan, Local Analog repeaters, APRS, FM & NOAA Weather

Anytone 868, 878 Quickstart Guide   //  Anytone 868, 878 Programming Guide

This heatmap is what we expect to have at this time. This coverage will only improve with the addition of the new higher commercial antenna similar to a Station Master

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