Talk Group Deck
Seattle S. WA | Kubota Gardens | SES
Audio Test 2 9999 2 P2/0
I-5 1 3168 1 FT/3m
Local 1 3181 1 FT/5
Local 2 3166 2 FT/5
Oregon 1 3141 1 P15/3m
Parrot 1 9998 1 P1/0
PNW 1 3187 1 FT/3m
PNW 2 103187 2 FT/3m
PNW Rgnl 2 31771 2 FT/3m
TAC 1-2 8951 2 P15/3m
TAC 2-2 8952 2 P15/3m
Washington 1 3153 1 FT/3m
Washington 2 103153 2 FT/3m

Common examples are listed below

F/3 Standard Fulltime TG with 3 minute HO's (hold-off timers) on all same slot TG's.  This is an old and rare animal now as it takes extensive time to program the c-Bridge for all the possible combination or timers.
F/3m Standard Fulltime TG with partial 3 minute HO's (hold-off timers) on all same slot TG's, this is more the standard configuration on our newer repeater managers.  Less intensive to program as fewer timers possibilities are covered and with more reliance on the MCTs' to control the status of the many talkgroup options.
P15/3m? PTT (Push-to-Talk or Part-Time-Talkgroup) for 15 minutes of On-Time with partial 3 minute HO's (Hold-Off timers) and also MCT capability, unconfirmed c-Bridge programming
P5/m PTT TG, on 5 minutes on a MCT repeater network (No or few HO's programmed)
P2/0 2 minutes of On-time with no HO's or MCT control
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