PNW DMR's Sponsors, Supporters and Donors

UPDATE:  Our PayPal Pool link has changed as we have transitioned to a new association account ( linked to a separate bank account.  All donations made over the past 377 days to the original pool are now archived but available <here>.  If you prefer, you may donate anonymously or via an on-going subscription, please use the address.

This change was made to aid in transparency as well as to more easily track our income and expenses without the general non-PNW use by NO7RF.  The account is still a "friends and family" account so that we are able to receive 100% of a donation if the donation is not funded by a credit card.  So this new account is still in the personal name of NO7RF.

PNW DMR is a regional association of individuals who collectively, provide the repeaters, networking and ongoing maintenance and subscription costs to keep our DMR network organization operational.

This page is meant to publically acknowledge those individuals, groups and businesses who are actively supporting the PNW network growth and maintenance.  Our repeater owners are the moving force behind our regional growth and honestly, they go beyond that by donating here as well. Individual support efforts by our users is welcome and will be memorialized here also.

Typically only 5% of a club's members voluntarily support a club's efforts when there is no dues structure in place, so those who do so voluntarily go above and beyond and are listed below because they merit acknowledgment.  If you feel inclined to actively support PNW DMR, we suggest a nominal $25 annual donation, less than the cost of 1 Starbuck's drip coffee a month.  If every member were to donate, we could fully fund our ongoing monthly costs as well as fund 1-3 new repeaters each year or better afford the best and most expensive mountaintop sites.

We are now using PayPal Pools now to enable public tracking of our donations. If you prefer to donate anonymously or via an on-going subscription, you may give directly by using the address.

As of April of 2019, our monthly ongoing costs are about $900 a month for most of the Washington repeaters and networking.  Our donations have averaged, as of April 2019, $181 a month.  A typical repeater deployment at a commercial site costs $4,500 to $5,500 just in hardware costs.  The site rent and Internet is another $700-$1,250 at the typical annual ongoing costs.  There are countless hours for planning, trips, tower climbers as well as maintenance and tweaks after the initial installations.  Some installations have 5 hour one-way drives.  Some repeater owners never use their own repeaters as they are located too far away from their home areas.  All of this is a significant investment by a very few dedicated repeater owners who shoulder most of the costs for our community repeater growth and network expansion.  This is not sustainable, so changes are in the wind and we will recognize those who have made the leap to voluntarily support the good of the network.

For those who do not actively support PNW, please make an effort to seek out your repeater owners and others listed on this page and extend to them your appreciation for their dedication to help maintain and expand DMR coverage in our region.

Our Supporters and Sponsors


Manufacturer of the c-Bridge and other DMR networking platforms
CoLo home to the DCI c-Bridge since 2011 VPS host for the PNW c-Bridge, BGP announcing and IP provider for many of our repeaters
CoLo home to our Spokane servers and providing HamWAN connectivity CoLo home to our Bremerton c-Bridge and servers with RF backbone connectivity to HamWAN

The following members have made significant contributions to PNW DMR

  • Rob AF7PR;  Many repeaters in Washington!!!
  • Loren KB7APU;  Many repeaters (Oregon & Washington)
  • Andy KK7TR, Cougar repeater return (2nd edition), tower climber, tech assist
  • Jim N7MAQ;  Repeaters (Oregon and Washington)
  • Mike N07RF;  c-Bridge, Networking, Repeaters (North Central Washington)
  • Rod KC7AAD; Repeater & repeater site (Spokane), Spokane CoLo hosting and HamWAN
  • Earl N3EG; Repeaters (Longview Washington and Rainier Oregon with local Day Wireless support)
  • Lenny N7MOT, Repeater and repeater site (Coeur d'Alene) donated to PNW 2019
  • Dylan KI7SBI, Colo hosting, Polly/MMDVM server implementation/support and HamWAN
  • Casey KI7TRR, IT & server development, testing and implementation; MMDVM
  • Mike NC7Q, repeater deployment, Ferndale
  • Steve N9VW, network mapping for users support, database implementation
  • Michael KG7HQ, Website creation and overhaul transition
  • Hilltop acquisitions, Installs, Networking, Labor, Testing, Maintenance & other support:
    • Brian KE0CO, duplexer & isolator turning (with professional equipment and experience)
    • Mike N7NFY, repeater site (Gold)
    • Jerry Noe at Wiztronics; repeater sites & Internet connections
    • Brian K5IN, repeater site (Capital Peak)
    • BC-TRBO, Geoff VE7KA, affiliate c-Bridge
    • HamWAN, PNW c-Bridge Hosting & Internet connections at Gold Mtn, Capital Peak, Baw Faw and Larch
    • Terence KE7SFF, affiliate repeater (Haystack) & HKS c-Bridge
    • Randy K7RHK, Ellensburg site
    • Ron KG7LAA and Carl KG7JMI, Ellensburg site support and Internet
    • Joey KF7NQC, supplied and installed Heliax and Telewave antenna for Moses Lake
    • Dave W7NCX, our long time lead man for the PNW weekly Gathering
    • Steve N7LNX, important site acquisition on behalf of PNW DMR

Special Mention:  Greg, NF6C who put up the first 2 repeaters (MTR-3000's) on Cougar and Baldi in 2013 and got the DMR ball rolling in Western Washington.  The repeaters came down when Greg moved to California in 2014 but were replaced within the year with the help of Andy KK7TR (Cougar Mtn) and Rob AF7PR (Baldi Mtn).

Date Call Amount


Details                  See PayPal Pool

05-19-18 K9HAV
$400 PNW

Valley Camp kindly donated to PNW DMR while supporting our 1st annual DMR Gathering and will be hosting the 2nd annual next year!

05-19-18 AG7T $50 PNW

Scott attended the first DMR Gathering and said he felt the need to donate to PNW DMR once again!

Anon $xx per/mo PNW This ham member has requested anonymity, amount suppressed and wishes as much as possible that the ongoing support go towards mentoring & training.
KF7NLV $10 per/mo PNW Colin was the first to enter a monthly subscription via PayPal!!! and suggested Starbucks for the install crews.
04-23-19 K7BIT $20 PNW Bill said he just wanted to help a bit to keep the system going.
04-18-19 KG7LEA $50 PNW Our welcome to Dave as a new member of PNW DMR
04-17-19 KD6VPH $200 PNW Another Alex donation was made today with his thanks for the awesome system.  Thank you as well Alex!
04-07-18 K7LFP $100 PNW Lee's ongoing request (he's a 4 timer now) is now just a little sumptin to keep it all goin'!
04-04-19 KG7JMI $100 PNW Carl sent a "Thanks for your fine work. For the general good of the system." 
03-31-19 W8JLV? $50 PNW Vincent sent a "Just moving over to DMR. Might as well help pay for the network." 
03-28-19 K7LKA $25 PNW Steve said thanks to those who keep this great system working!
03-25-19 KI7JLL $50 PNW Chuck said thanks for everything.  You too Chuck!
03-08-19 N7MOT $200 PNW Lenny sez to buy the admin team a round or two
03-03-19 K1ELG $50 PNW Eric said that he appreciates us keeping the network running.
02-13-19 KK6BBI $25 PNW Steve said use it anywhere to keep it going...
02-10-19 KL0NP $25 PNW Will said Thank you...and so do we!
02-07-19 KI7QPJ $25 PNW Jake said, "Thanks to all for making this system what it is today".
02-03-19 KP2X $50 PNW Jim said thanks for the support for the Mt Sumas repeater.
01-20-19 KG7VRV $25 PNW Todd said thank you for the hard work and effort.
01-18-19 KC7AAD $100 PNW Rod said to use it for one of the new Eastern Washington repeater sites.
01-14-19 WA7ZWG $50 PNW Bob, a repeater owner as well, provided support to PNW DMR.
AA7BG $120
PNW Bruce sent us his thanks and said (again) he would like this to go toward repeater, maintenance, network or site costs.
12-27-18 W7NCX $25 PNW Dave said to put it into the general fund.
KB7APU $250

Loren (Oregon repeater owner) said Merry Christmas for 2018 and also provided for the general support for PNW - to help sponsor the Gathering in WA in 2017 hopefully

11-03-18 N6GFO $25 PNW Matt said he was glad to support the network.
10-25-18 Anon $25 PNW A friend has said to use the funds as needed.
10-24-18 N7DUD $50 PNW Will said this is a small token of appreciations for the best DMR network around!  This is Will's second donation too!
10-19-18 K7TBM $25 PNW

Tom sez for the general fund...with thanks!

10-13-18 AG7BI $25 PNW

Mauro said, "Just a little for the cause."

10-11-18 K7BIO $100 PNW

Colin said thank you for everyone's hard work!

09-09-18 AG7T $50 PNW

Scott commented that he hopes it helps with the new c-Bridge.

07-20-18 N7ER $120 PNW

Brad's latest donation is to continue his support for general maintenance, equipment and reoccurring costs.

07-17-18 K7LFP $100 PNW Lee's ongoing request (he's a 3 timer now) is the same, that it be used where needed and that it has been fun to see the growth of the network!
07-15-18 N7LOL $20 PNW Scott was our third member who had initially chosen the monthly option via PayPal!  Scott said to use it anywhere in the system as needed.
07-05-18 KD6VPH $275 PNW Alex's donation was made via PPP with a thank you for our work!
06-14-18 unknown $10 PNW Donation made via PPP, no call provided
05-30-18 KI7JLL $40 PNW Chuck has donated 3 times previously.
03-04-18 K7LKA $100 PNW Steve requested that his donation go to repeater maintenance.
02-22-18 WB7SKI $50 PNW  
02-09-18 KB7BM $40 PNW Del checked in and said that he enjoys the benefits of DMR
02-08-18 W4LKS $100 PNW
Randy has asked that his donation help support our east side repeaters.
01-18-18 KI7JLL $50 PNW Chuck said to keep up the great work gentlemen (and ladies) for the the great service.
01-16-18 KI7KUI $100 PNW Karl sent a hearty thanks to the gang who keeps the network growing and running well!
KA6P $100
DCI & PNW Pat (repeater owner) said: "Support for the overall efforts of DCI/PNW c-Bridge operations and maintenance".
12-22-17 KA7QQV ---- PNW Don from Oakland CA requested amount not be listed.
10-18-17 W7DTS $20 PNW
Have a small budget but will do what we can. 73 Jim
10-18-17 K7TBM $25 PNW The move to Oso - Frailey really helped here on So. Whidbey. Thanks. Tom K7TBM
08-05-17 Anon $100 PNW Our thanks to that caring Ham who supports our network operations.
07-23-17 N7DUD $50 PNW Will (repeater owner) simply said thanks!  (Will lives in Anchorage AK)
07-14-17 K7AMF $25 PNW Jim gave his thanks for putting the network together
07-09-17 KG7ESC $25 PNW Jonathon said, " Doesn't feel right enjoying the system without pitching in.  -73"
06-19-17 VA7DGP $20 PNW Don is on limited funds but wanted to help as he uses the network
06-10-17 KD7ZMC $100 PNW Morgan said to use it where needed and also that it has returned his interest to Ham Radio!
06-03-17 K7LFP $100 PNW Lee requested this time (he's a 2 timer now) that it be used where needed!
05-27-17 N6HTY $25 PNW

Mike (repeater owner) asked that it be used as needed.

05-15-17 NR7RR $40 PNW

Todd said for general operations.

04-25-17 N7EKB $100 PNW

Ed said to use it where it is needed!

04-15-17 N7ER $100 PNW

Brad is supporting general maintenance and ongoing costs

04-03-17 W7RX $10 Oregon

Support for The Eugene repeater

03-24-17 KI7JLL $50+ PNW

Support for Lookout - Bellingham repeater installation

01-26-17 W7FED $100 PNW

Support for general maintenance and growth

01-23-17 KI7JLL $40+ PNW Chuck asked that this benefit the Moses Lake Repeater
01-18-17 KJ7YL $50 PNW General support for PNW
01-08-17 K1ZIL $20 PNW Mark said, "Just helping the network wherever possible."
12-20-16 N6GGS $100 DCI & PNW Darrell (repeater owner) said: "For the N6GGS seat on the DCI c-Bridge"
12-04-16 K7LFP $100 Washington West Lee asked that it go to benefit Rob for all his effort in expanding our DMR presence in Washington. Rob waived it said to use it for the c-Bridge data center. Done!
09-23-16 KE7GXL $25 No designation Our first cash donation; offered to KB7APU, Oregon North, then AF7PR but ultimately paid to the DCI c-Bridge data center
If you support or have supported PNW DMR or it's repeater owners whether by cash, services, labor, repeaters, etc, please let us know if we have missed you from the above tables and/or you wish to remain anonymous or how you wish your donation to be directed.


If you would like to assist PNW with equipment, sites, expertise or a few dimes, contact us at:, any repeater owner directly via the "CC" links on the repeater page or check out our new PayPal Pool.



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