PNWDigital Repeater Map

This image below is a snapshot of the Google Earth interactive repeater map

 You may <click here> or on the image below to be taken to the actual map now

The map will auto-load from this page in 45 seconds and it will take 5 to 10 seconds to load the GE map.

Click on any of the red flags for the details of each repeater, talkgroup deck or other information

The talkgroup picker has been switched live data and is now the authoritative source for talkgroup decks.

This major backend project was created by Steve, N9VW.  Steve's work will be appearing in other projects!!!

Gotcha's in the Google Maps experimental stage

  • Experimental Google Map, don't know how it might change for us

  • Initial loading of Google Earth is slow, but once loaded all features work at typical response rates

  • Hotlinks in the map open 2 new pages rather than 1, we can't control that, Google/browser booger

    • Works fine in Chrome and Comodo, Opera and Firefox are double tabs, Edge doesn't open the flags,

  • Some sites are very new and open to the default talkgroup viewer, working on it, a project in motion.

  • Most repeater entries is listed, HKS and BC-TRBO are pending as is some tweaking of the text in the entries.



 Revised: 03/11/2020 20:35


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