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How to use Dave's VU meter

The meter has average level on the upper row and peak on the lower row of each caller. Best audio levels are in the mid yellows. 

On a scale of 1-100 units, the perfect target is 68-72 units (between the 2 arrows)  You may hear this reference over the air.

The average is more important than peaks.  Peaks tend to be about 10-15 dB higher.  The closer that the peaks and average are, the better with the actual dB values being less important than hitting the yellow range.

The meter updates every 30 seconds currently and is listening to the MM Bridget currently.  The calibration reference to color was chosen over the actual dB values as is for analog audio applications simply because we have inexpensive readily available 50 LED VU barographs that provide the additional 13 LED's for peak headroom.  It is also simpler to tell someone they are in the yellow range.  Hot audios go well above the 50 LED lid.

Dave, W7NCX is the creator of the VU Meter and is hosting the service on the web


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