APRS Support


UPDATE:  If you are found to be sending excessive packets, especially if you are stationary, you may loose your APRS services.  Please send no more than 1 time per 2 minutes (every minute if testing or some need) and no more frequently than one every 15 minutes if set for auto TX and stationary.

PNWDigital is now supporting APRS-D (digital mode) and of course APRS-A is welcome as it is an off-network service. 

Timeslot 2 support is working well.  We are now developing a custom APRS-D Gateway and with SMS support.  It is in  beta testing and we are using timeslot 1 so that the TS 2 production gateway is not impacted.

REMINDER: Do not use "Roaming" or "Radio Check" in the Anytones as it mucks up the repeaters significantly.


More digital support coming in time as additional testing proceeds...


 Revised: 02/11/2021 07:40


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